The First Week of School!

The new term at Restore Leadership Academy started this week, and we have some exciting updates to share with you all!


We have made some pretty significant changes in the way that the school is run, and we think it is going to have a major impact in the lives of the students! First, we have shortened their school days. Originally, they were in school from sunrise to sunset. Now, they will only be in classes from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, giving them more time to enjoy their extracurricular activities and focus on their studies. Each day has a different activity from 3:30-4:20 PM. Monday is assembly, Tuesday is care groups, Wednesday is fellowship, Thursday is agriculture, and Friday is debate. After these activities, the students have time for drama, arts, games and sports.


We are also implementing a stronger support system for the students, and are really looking forward to seeing what this holistic care approach does for them all! Each of our secondary school students lives on campus.  We want to be sure that these growing young adults are cared for and have mentors to help them year-round. To do so, we have set up a system for  recent graduates to live at RLA as mentors-- essentially like a Resident Assistant at universities here in the U.S. Over the last week, the mentors have helped with registration and showing new students to their dorms, as well as leading games and activities in the afternoons. Additionally, teachers have been assigned a group of 30 students that they will be in charge of checking in with once a week and making sure that they are healthy, happy, and keeping up with their academics.


Lastly, there have been some awesome improvements and additions to our campus while the students were on break! We are finished building a new boys dorm that will house 40 boys, all of the buildings on campus are wired with electricity, and we have new kitchen stoves which will help our staff make better, healthier meals for the students.

None of these updates would be possible without you all standing behind this incredible campus! We cannot wait to see what this new year has in store, stay tuned for more updates!