The Primary school will have students from 1st-7th grade.

It will create a solid foundation for the students as they continue their education. Our hope is that it will set them on a path to be able to pursue all of the things that their little hearts can dream up. 



Here are the specifics:



Where is it?

Right across the street from our secondary campus in Gulu, Uganda.



Why do we want to build it?

We started a primary school 5 years ago on the same campus as the secondary school. The idea was to include the local community and create a school for younger kids that could feed into our secondary school.

As our primary school has grown we have been so inspired by these wonderful young ones. There are not many places in Gulu for kids, so that is exactly what we want to create. We want to make a campus where these students can learn and grow, a space for kids to just be kids.


Total cost:

$350,000 USD will pay for:

-4 classroom blocks
-administration building
-soccer field



Total students:

-7 grade levels from Primary 1 - Primary 7 

-500 students total 




-CRUX Engineering is completing this entire project for us. The lead project manager is a graduate of our secondary school! They are an amazing and trustworthy team, and they will get this project completed on time and within budget!

-Began construction in June 2017 

-Campus will be completed by February 2017