We’ve opened a safe house for six amazing women and their children in Mogadishu, Somalia.

All of them have been victims of gender based violence. The home has become a refuge for the women where they are able to come for safety, medical attention, counseling and therapy. In addition we provide them with job training skills to help build their lives back.

Donate To The Safe House

Want to help make a huge difference in a child’s life in Mogadishu? Sign up for a monthly pledge to support the education of a little girl from one of the many refugee camps.

We’re starting with the basics: food and education. $35 each month will go a long way in providing these necessities for the kids.

We received a generous grant from Project 7 and 7-UP to ensure an education for these 100 girls, but our need now is to provide food for them and their classmates as well. Providing meals for the kids helps keep them in the classroom and off the streets. There are 400 students at the school and we’d love to provide them each with breakfast and lunch each day.

The cost per child to provide breakfast and lunch each day is $1.75, and since the children are in school on average 20 days each month, the cost per child about $35 each month for meals.