RLA is a primary and secondary school in Northern Uganda with 500 students.

Seeing a generation of kids who needed an education and a sense of community, we decided to start a school in Northern Uganda in order to help at least a few of them if possible. What started as a handful of students and a one-room school-house is now Restore Leadership Academy, a boarding school with almost 500 students and 35 teachers.

RLA is a boarding school and provides a family-like setting for many children without families or support. RLA provides education for these children at reduced rates through scholarships by our sponsorship program, Engage. Click to read more! 

Launch is a new program we've developed as a way to support our students after they graduate from grade 12.

We are so excited to see where their lives take them and we want to support them along the way. 

Although very inexpensive compared to a college degree in the States, $700 each semester is out of reach for most students, especially when they still need to pay for living expenses.

Want to help out? Find click here to find out how you can sponsor one of our amazing students and check out the video!

Uganda Safe Houses 

We have two safe houses in the capital of Uganda for underage, sexually abused and exploited girls.

We provide the girls with a home, health care, therapy and counseling, in addition to helping them get back in school and paying their school fees.

Engage is a sponsorship program for the children at Restore Leadership Academy.

We pair the students up with friends in the States or around the world who want to help out financially and be a friend to the kids for encouragement and support.

Engage allows us to continue providing care, support, and education to kids around the world. We couldn’t do this without you!

Want to help? Pick a country and sign up for a small monthly pledge. Most of our Engage programs cost less than a dollar a day. This will be charged to your card on file once a month.
Want to cancel? No problem. Just email Deborah@lovedoes.org anytime to conclude your sponsorship.

To find out more about Engage or to sign up, click one of the links below.

One of our most misunderstood projects is our witch doctor school.

We are teaching traditional healers and witch doctors how to read and write, to help them learn skills that will let them switch to other jobs and stop practicing healing. Typically, they are both feared and respected in their communities and usually pretty isolated. Most have never had any education, and don't know how to read or write, so it's hard for them to find jobs. Unfortunately, many cases of child sacrifice happen with the help of witch doctors, so our goals is to teach them other skills and also, make sure they know the laws against trafficking or sacrificing children.

We've already seen the witch doctors make awesome progress and they are even starting to report crimes!

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