Assistant Country Director

2-3 year commitment 

Based in Gulu, Uganda

  • 4 days travel to Kampala per month
  • Manage and oversee all Love Does operations in Uganda:
  • Develop and maintain organizational partnerships and friendships in Uganda
  • Strategically operate Love Does education and justice projects in Uganda
  • Report and be accountable to the Love Does US team on the use of funds in Uganda
  • Foster an environment where national staff take ever increasing roles of leadership
  • Organize and coordinate visitor trips
  • Meet audacious goals in a challenging environment with an understanding of how our work fits contextually in a development setting
  • Ensure organizational compliance with applicable Ugandan regulations
  • Manage 5-7 direct reports (Ugandan and Expatriate)
  • Any other task required to get the job done in Uganda

A successful candidate will be humble, flexible, whimsical, outcome oriented, service oriented, unflappable, patient, upbeat and have an attention to detail. The position requires skill in finance and budgeting, experience managing other people, interpersonal skills, and strong cross-cultural leadership capabilities. International development work or travel experience preferred.

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