We Planted 10,000 Trees!

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What does planting trees have to do with educating our students in Uganda? More than you might think!

We’ve been busy planting over 10,000 trees at Restore Leadership Academy thanks to our partner, Kijani Forestry. Kijani is combating deforestation in East Africa through innovative farming techniques, and we’re proud to be the site of their first crop of trees here in Gulu. These trees will provide sustainable, continually harvested firewood that we will use to cook food here for our students and staff. We also planted eucalyptus, teak, mangoes, avocados, guava and more as part of Kijani’s permaculture ecosystem that helps improve the soil and provides nutritious food for our school.

Love Does believes in empowering our schools to be as sustainable as possible, and these trees are another step towards that goal for our primary and secondary campuses.

As these trees grow, our students will learn important agricultural skills that they can use for the rest of their lives and pass on to their families and communities. These skills will not only help them grow their own food and cooking fuel, but it will also make them aware of the environmental benefits that it provides. These trees are part of a permaculture model that helps restore the soil and directly combats deforestation in East Africa. In any place we work, we want to be respectful of the community and take a holistic approach to our work. Especially in the case of Uganda, that means taking care of the environment and doing our part to teach practical ways to help. The model that Kijani will help us implement is truly a win-win-win, and will have a ripple effect for generations to come.

Interested in learning more about Kijani Forestry and checking up on our mighty forest of seedlings as they grow? Visit kijaniforestry.com to learn more and sign up for updates and follow them on Instagram and Twitter @kijaniforestry!

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