Love Does Safe House: Meet Lucy

Love Does operates two safe houses in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. We want to introduce you to Lucy*, one of the wonderful girls who lives there.  

When Lucy was a young girl you could always find her giggling and playing with her friends. She was curious and loved learning. She looked forward to attending school everyday because like many kids growing up in East Africa, she knew school meant opportunities that she wouldn’t have otherwise.  

What Lucy couldn’t have imagined is that her own father wouldn’t support her in her dreams of a better life. In fact, he would be the very person who would prohibit her from continuing her education. At just ten years old, Lucy's father began taking advantage of her and her sister in a way that no girl should ever have to experience. Soon after, he started bringing men back to their home to sleep with his daughters in exchange for money.   

Lucy eventually confided in her sister who had also been forced to sleep with the men. Her sister decided that she had had enough and called the police. The police are very familiar with the work of Love Does in the area and they realized that this was a case where Love Does could be involved. The social workers at our safe house were brought in to the situation, and knew that they could provide the safe place that Lucy desperately needed - a home and a family.

At age 12, Lucy, young and beautiful, timid and kind, became the newest member of the Love Does home. Lucy is now surrounded by love and protection from the other girls and counselors, and they have created their own beautiful family. 

Life can be really hard, and there is a lot of darkness in the world, but there is always hope. We are so thankful that for Lucy, darkness didn’t win, and justice was served. She is a fighter, and she is worth fighting for.

*All names have been changed for safety and privacy*