Love Does Safe House: Meet Esther

Belonging is an inherent desire, a common thread among all people.  We all long to be cared for, to be desired, to be loved. Unfortunately, for many girls like Esther, our safe house is the first place that they have ever felt that belonging. 

When Esther was a child, she was passed from relative to relative, no one wanting the responsibility of a young girl. When she was with her father he would take advantage of her, and when she was with her grandparents she often suffered physical abuse.  Esther was trapped, scared and alone. 

Esther recalls her story with a sense of grief and heaviness. She recounts a time when she threatened to call the police on her grandparents and they said if she did so they would kill her. Thankfully, someone else was able to call on her behalf, and the Love Does social workers were brought into the situation. The Love Does home gained a lovely new member, and Esther was able to go back to being a kid again. 

After months of counseling, tender love and care, Esther is gaining back the little sparkle in her eye. She describes the girls in the home as ‘her best friends.’ and says that, ‘things are happening that she never believed possible.’ Esther found the place that she belongs.