Love Does Safe House: Meet Mary

As a mother or a father, it is common to want more for your children, to hope and fight for a better life for them. Parents often work selflessly to provide a life where their children have what they need; the physical necessities, and also the emotional care that their little hearts desire. For Mary's mother, it was a struggle to even put food on the table for her daughters. In order to make ends meet, Mary's mother was forced into a life of prostitution. 

   Due to their mother's job, Mary and her sister were often left to fend for themselves for days on end. Alone, they were defenseless against the men that would come into their home and take advantage of them. Thankfully, a probation officer took notice of what was happening and intervened. The officer introduced Mary to the social workers at the Love Does safe house, and they welcomed her into her new family. 

    When Mary’s mother found out that her daughter was in a safe place she was incredibly grateful. The pain of not having her daughter around was silenced by her immense relief that she was in a loving environment where she was truly cared for and protected. This is the true love of a mother.