Say Hello To A Launch Student, Richard!

Richard is in our Launch program and is now in his third year of Law School at Uganda Christian University. This summer he did an internship at the court in Gulu, where our schools are, so our team got to meet up with him for dinner and hear how he is doing. We think he is a pretty awesome guy, so we wanted to share a bit about him and the great things he is doing!


"I am currently drafting court documents and interpreting English to Acholi for criminal cases in the courtroom and chambers. I am learning so many things and write them down each week. I have learned to appreciate and enjoy writing court hearing notices and bail applications. My internship finishes in August and I will report back to classes at Uganda Christian University at that time. My passion for justice is fueling me through this degree and internship.”

“When I become a practicing lawyer, I want to have a law firm that offers pro bono services to needy people in this community. What I have witnessed in court is that those who are rich get rulings in their favor because of their lawyers. I also want to offer legal clinics where I go into villages and educate people on laws that are passed. Many times, laws are passed, and the villages aren’t aware of them, or what the consequences are when laws are broken. I believe this is why most of the prisoners are from the villages. I want to help educate them with the knowledge I now have! Blessings to you and your families and thank you for helping me reach my dreams."

We are so proud of Richard and love seeing our Launch students chase their dreams. Students like Richard could not do this without the help of our university sponsorship program made possible by your wonderful support. We cannot wait to see what these amazing students continue do in Uganda and beyond!

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Meet one of our teachers, Ajok Beatrice!

Ajok Beatrice

Primary Literacy Specialist & Teacher

26 years old

Meet Beatrice, our lovely literacy specialist and teacher at our Primary School in Uganda! Beatrice is a dedicated teacher, mom and wife, balancing it all with incredible grace and care. She is driven and intelligent, and we are immensely grateful to have her at our school.

As our literacy specialist, Beatrice orchestrates the implementation of all programs focused on getting our primary students to become the best readers they can be. This includes training teachers and parents about phonics and early literacy, being a model reading teacher that other teachers can observe, coaching reading teachers, assessing each student's reading level, reporting on literacy achievement, and providing small group tutorials for our students with special reading needs.

Beatrice is essentially a super teacher, and plays a vital  role in shaping our students into confident readers. The parents of our students quickly picked up on how influential and supportive Beatrice is, and many have begged her to privately tutor their students. Beatrice knows how important it is to have the support and encouragement from home, so she decided she will start giving trainings for parents after school hours. With her help, many of our parents will not only improve their own literacy, but they will be learning such helpful strategies for assisting their children to read at home.

Beatrice is so grateful for the community of students and their families that support her, and we watch her return every ounce of love and support to them each day that she comes to campus. Her passion and dedication to literacy is going to empower these kids throughout the rest of their years in school. We know that her role is crucial to the success of our students, and we could not have picked a better person for the job! Thank you Beatrice, for all you are to our students, and for the wonderful reminder to us all of how much respect and love all kids deserve!

Beatrice under her mango tree.   Her and her husband have a beautiful dream of starting a school for orphans called, “Mango Tree Primary School.”

Beatrice under her mango tree. Her and her husband have a beautiful dream of starting a school for orphans called, “Mango Tree Primary School.”

Beatrice in front of her home

Beatrice in front of her home

This Is Helen

Did you know that Love Does has two safe houses in Kampala Uganda, with a total of 30 girls living between them?

At our safe homes, we aim to focus on reconciliation of girls with their home communities. Upon entering the homes, Molly, our resettlement coordinator, will begin to identify the girls’ home communities and begin the forgiveness and reconciliation process. Since the first safe house opened, we have seen more than 40 girls who were living lives entrenched with sexual exploitation transform into visions of hope and joy. The girls have participated in Bible studies, character development and discipleship, community work, arts and crafts and many other activities. We have seen a great improvement in the character and behavior of the girls. They are freely opening up to the mentors and have started appreciating the new life they are experiencing amidst their past.

One of our girls, Helen* has an incredible story of transformation! When we first met Helen, she was living in the slums of Kampala living a life filled with prostitution and drugs. Now, just 3 years later, Helen has graduated from a cosmetology program & has been reconciled with her family. Helen is just one of the many girls living in our safe homes, that has worked hard to make changes in her life, and with the help of the amazing staff & mentors she is able to do so!

Helen’s story is made possible because of friends who support our Safe Houses in Kampala.

*For safety and privacy reasons, Helen’s name and photo have been changed.