Meet one of our teachers, Ajok Beatrice!

Ajok Beatrice

Primary Literacy Specialist & Teacher

26 years old

Meet Beatrice, our lovely literacy specialist and teacher at our Primary School in Uganda! Beatrice is a dedicated teacher, mom and wife, balancing it all with incredible grace and care. She is driven and intelligent, and we are immensely grateful to have her at our school.

As our literacy specialist, Beatrice orchestrates the implementation of all programs focused on getting our primary students to become the best readers they can be. This includes training teachers and parents about phonics and early literacy, being a model reading teacher that other teachers can observe, coaching reading teachers, assessing each student's reading level, reporting on literacy achievement, and providing small group tutorials for our students with special reading needs.

Beatrice is essentially a super teacher, and plays a vital  role in shaping our students into confident readers. The parents of our students quickly picked up on how influential and supportive Beatrice is, and many have begged her to privately tutor their students. Beatrice knows how important it is to have the support and encouragement from home, so she decided she will start giving trainings for parents after school hours. With her help, many of our parents will not only improve their own literacy, but they will be learning such helpful strategies for assisting their children to read at home.

Beatrice is so grateful for the community of students and their families that support her, and we watch her return every ounce of love and support to them each day that she comes to campus. Her passion and dedication to literacy is going to empower these kids throughout the rest of their years in school. We know that her role is crucial to the success of our students, and we could not have picked a better person for the job! Thank you Beatrice, for all you are to our students, and for the wonderful reminder to us all of how much respect and love all kids deserve!

Beatrice under her mango tree.   Her and her husband have a beautiful dream of starting a school for orphans called, “Mango Tree Primary School.”

Beatrice under her mango tree. Her and her husband have a beautiful dream of starting a school for orphans called, “Mango Tree Primary School.”

Beatrice in front of her home

Beatrice in front of her home

Uganda Graduation

The new school year at Restore Leadership Academy (RLA) began last week, and it is off to a great start! With the new year in swing, we have been reflecting on some of our favorite moments of 2018 and want to show you a glimpse of how the last school year ended. Just a hint: it involved tons of balloons, smiling graduates, and an amazing marching band!

The school year at RLA is broken up into three terms, the first of which begins just after the New Year. At the end of each school year, we throw a huge graduation ceremony to celebrate all of our amazing graduates that have worked so hard all year long. Graduation is always a great time to reflect, to gather all of our students, staff, teachers, parents and guests together and showcase the wonderful people that help make our school such a special place.

There is nothing quite like a Ugandan celebration, and graduation is no exception. People start gathering hours before, dressed in their best suits and dresses and colorful kitenge clothes. The ceremony began, with all the students adorned in bright blue gowns and huge smiles, with a balloon-filled procession into main hall, followed by the collective singing of the Ugandan National Anthem and RLA’s school song about restoring love and justice. This year, to make everything even more fun, we hired a local marching band to join in! Right off the bat, the ceremony was in full swing, with everyone on their feet, participating in the festivities.

Our graduation ceremonies are always filled with skits, songs and dances, as well as the traditional distribution of diplomas. All the students, teachers and families are filled with pride to be there, so the ceremonies usually go on for hours! Sometimes they last so long that we have to sneak away for a snack break ☺ But in all seriousness, we love getting to celebrate these kids and all of their incredible accomplishments!

It is such a great way to end the year and to look back at how far they have all come. We are so proud of our class of 2018, and we cannot wait to see what the next year has in store!

Thanks to our friends Monica LaFerla and the rest of the US Storage Centers team for sponsoring graduation and this blog post!