We created this video as a glimpse into what a day looks like at our school in Afghanistan. While we are missing our students right now, it sure makes us smile to see all of their faces!

We have a big surprise for these students when they are able to come back to school, construction of our new school has just finished – picture below! We were previously renting our school building, and are so excited to now have our very own.

This new school building has two levels: On the first are office spaces, a teacher room, a laboratory and kitchen, and on the top there are eight classrooms. This building is designed to allow for growth over the next few years as we add a class level each year. This year we have 80 primary school students and hope to grow to 200 or more in the next five years.

Thanks to your love and generosity, hundreds of students will come here to learn, grow and be cared for in all of the ways that they deserve. This school will make an incredible impact in this community for generations to come, and you have made it possible.

VIDEO: See the School!