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In each country that we work, there have been different regulations set out by the government in response to the coronavirus outbreak, and we have taken action to protect our students and teachers and reduce risk. As schools reopen, we will send our students and staff back. Until then, we will support them all with distance learning curriculums and supplies. We are keeping in close communication with all of our teams and staff to make sure everyone is taken care of and safe.

With your support we have been able to:

  • Pay all of our teachers and staff in each of the countries we work
  • Provide food, soap and cleaning supplies to 1,200+ vulnerable families in Nepal
  • Provide food, soap, and medical supplies to all of our students and their families in Afghanistan
  • Extra food and supplies to our students in India and other vulnerable families in the area
  • Give extra support to our 100+ staff and teachers in Uganda
  • Provide food for 5,608+ vulnerable people in Gulu, Uganda
  • Distributed distance learning materials to young students in Gulu region
  • Provide sanitizer for prisons and medical facilities in Gulu, Uganda
  • Container of food distributed in Mogadishu, Somalia
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This is a time of uncertainty and change, but throughout it all, we have seen so many incredible examples of just how connected we really are and how much unity and hope matter. We have seen more kindness, more consideration, more respect, and love. Each of you are such wonderful examples to us of how much hope there is, of people reaching out to each other and being a force of love in action. We could not do any of this without all of you.

Thank you for being a part of the Love Does Family!