Think about Engaging one of these kids. Just pick one and get them through school. It will change everything for them – and you know the crazy part ? It’ll change you too.
— Bob Goff

Engage allows us to continue providing care, support, and education to almost 1000 kids around the world.

Pick a country and sign up for a monthly pledge of $1/day.



Sign Up 

Pick a country and sign up for a small pledge of $30/month. All of our Engage programs cost less than a dollar a day. This will be charged to your card on file once a month. You can cancel your sponsorship at any time. 

Transform a Life 

Your money will go toward the physical and emotional needs of the child; meals, housing, education, counseling and general care. Through your support you're laying the groundwork for the child to have a bright future. 

Be changed 

Often times we go into situations thinking we are the ones doing the change, when in fact its us who are transforming. This will be no different. Not only will you provide for a child, you'll also see your own heart become new.