Somalia Food Shortages

3 million friends are suffering from dangerous

levels of hunger due to severe back-to-back droughts in Somalia

Through the World Food Programme, we flew 11.5 tons of rice and cooking oil – enough to assist 50,000 people – to Kabasa and Kansale Camps in Dolow, Somalia. Watch a video from our time in Dolow!


Check out the blog below to read more about our time in Somalia. 



We have committed to supporting this initiative, but we would love your help, whether it’s with five dollars or five thousand. Anything we receive above and beyond the costs of this food distribution in Somalia will go directly to feeding even more hungry people through the World Food Programme.

We are continually amazed at the generosity that we've been able to witness through friends like you. 

We know this didn't solve the severe hunger issues that are facing many Somalis today but we believe in doing what we can. So let's put love into action together.

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