Love Does has been working in Iraq since the summer of 2014, when ISIS took control of vast areas of Northern Iraq and displaced almost a million people.

During this time we have zeroed in on the refugee crisis, combatting it with a holistic approach where we care not only for the emotional needs but also the physical needs. 

Since then we've been made aware of a need for a hospital in one of the areas closer to Mosul, which in the last few years has seen an enormous increase in population due to the refugee crisis.

A particular need is medical care for young girls who were kidnapped and forced to be the wives and sexual
slaves of ISIS fighters. Other needs include the families displaced from their homes, general medicine, and dental needs. 

 This hospital is a grand caper, so we can't do it alone!

There are several ways to be a part of the Love Does Hospital:



100% of your money will fund
the Hospital in Iraq.

By creating the hospital we will be able to provide care in the region of Northern Iraq as it has been hugely affected by the refugee crisis.  


Host Your Own Fundraiser

Use your own gifts and talents to help make a difference! It only takes a few minutes to set up your own, customizable fundraiser.

Click the link below to create your fundraiser, then share it with the world to start raising support! 


Golf Tournament 

Our amazing friends over at Village Church in British Columbia are hosting a golf tournament fundraiser where they will be raising funds specifically for the Love Does Hospital!

How cool is that?!

COST: In order to make this happen we need to raise $250,000 (USD)  for the construction of the hospital. Additionally it will cost $150,000/year (USD) for operating costs. We would like to have four years worth of operating costs at the start of construction. If things go well we could start as soon as the fall!

WHERE: We will build the medical clinic in Northern Iraq and specifically in the area of Soran, Iraq. Soran is located 140 kilometers away from Mosul. It has a population of approximately 350,000 inhabitants, consisting mostly of Kurds, with a minority population of Assyrian Christians.

WHEN: We began building in the Fall 2017 and it will be completed in the Spring of 2018!