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We are excited to announce Love Does hired a Teen Mom Home Coordinator, Kristin Dreesen, as part of our newest Love Does program.

Kristin has been cheering on hundreds of young moms for over 14 years and is still in awe of how teen moms are some of the most resilient and generous young women she’s ever met!  Kristin has been married to her best friend for over 30 years, and they have two adult children.  She is thrilled to join the staff of Love Does, building on the months-long efforts to support 4-6 teen moms who are looking for an encouraging and helpful place to continue their education.  She is also looking forward to creating the Love Does Young Mom Outreach Program to the greater San Diego area which will include food assistance, resource & life skills classes and an opportunity for encouraging community.
We are in the early stages of identifying a home in San Diego, but if you have any leads please let Kristin know.  And finally, if you know of a young mom who needs food assistance in San Diego, please contact Kristin at, to be a part of our drive thru grocery pickup program on Wednesdays.