We are building a nursery school!

This school will be located on our Primary School campus and will be home to 200 little learners one day. It will be a sanctuary for kids, a place that is truly theirs to dream, grow and learn!


  •  As we assessed the progress of our primary students, especially the younger levels learning to read, we realized that many of them had never been to any schooling before Primary 1. These students were starting out without any foundational learning, and that set them behind.

  • The community has been so excited about our primary school campus that they wanted even younger kids to be able to attend in nursery level classes!




We just couldn’t say no to these joyful little learners, and in 2018 we welcomed our first group of them onto our primary school campus. What started out as one classroom of students quickly grew to four classrooms full of kids! We love having these kids on our campus, and want to create a special place for them in classrooms of their own.


We are building a nursery school on our primary campus that will be for levels K1-K3, three to five year old kids. These buildings will be custom designed to fit their needs, with plenty of space for learning centers, crafts, and group activities. Of course it will also be right next to the playgrounds! The buildings will include six classrooms, an administrative room, and a storage area. We can’t wait to see it come to life!


THE COST: $120,000

To make this school a reality we will use a company called Crux Engineering. They have built all of the buildings at our school, and we have a long history of great work with them!