Our secondary students amaze and inspire us.

They are intelligent and driven, fun and kind. They are becoming amazing leaders, spreading love and justice wherever they go! 

Here are the specifics:


Where is it?

Gulu, a city in the northern region of Uganda.

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Northern Uganda came out of a 20-year civil war in 2007. We saw a need for education, and began Restore Leadership Academy. The school was founded on the vision to give these kids hope, a home, and a fighting chance at success.

Our school is now home to hundreds of students and staff and is one of the top schools in Northern Uganda for its academic performance and sports teams. We are so proud of them all!


The campus:

-6 grade levels from Senior 1 - Senior 6

- All students live on campus in dorms

- 6 classroom blocks, a library, administration building, kitchen, soccer field and a beautiful main hall!


The cost:

Help us continue to give these students the best education around! All donations go directly to our teacher and administrative salaries, school supplies, campus renovations and fun!