History Of Restore Leadership Academy

In 2007, we started a secondary school in Gulu, Uganda. Many of the students were previous child soldiers, rescued from lives of forced sex trafficking, orphans, or from backgrounds of extreme poverty. From a tiny beginning, the school thrived on the vision to give these kids hope, a home and a fighting chance at success.

We now have over 500 students in primary, middle and high school and Restore Leadership Academy is one of the top schools in Northern Uganda for its academic performance and sports teams. Soon after opening, we added more grades levels so that the levels spanned from Senior One to Senior Six, which is the U.S. equivalent of junior high and high school. We added dorms so that the children could live at the school and introduced a program of family cells, so that the students could thrive in a safe, caring and family-like environment with assigned mentors. We kept the costs of tuition to less than half of the normal rate, and put many of our students on scholarship so that they could continue to attend. 

In 2011, we were able to build a school campus on land that we had purchased for our students. A couple of years later, in March 2013 we opened a primary school in order to provide more opportunities for education at all ages. In addition to academics, we have focused on a holistic approach to student development by providing extracurricular activities and community building programs such as sports teams, boy and girl scouts, group studies and music programs.

Our students have done exceptionally well and have made us proud. They are a daily inspiration to our team and many others with their joy, ambition and hope despite the hardships they have seen. The backgrounds of the students vary, but almost all of them grew up in Northern Uganda during the civil war and have been impacted severely.They come from all different upbringings and circumstances, yet you’ll never meet a more energetic, happier, and determined bunch.

Thanks to Restore Leadership Academy, they are receiving one of the best educations possible in Northern Uganda and more than that; they are part of a family. We can’t wait to see all that they will accomplish! Restore Leadership Academy continues to be the biggest focus of Love Does and the most rewarding when we see the students growing into mature, ambitious, kind, and educated young adults with huge plans to be a change for good in their country.

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