The Love Does San Diego Team

We like to keep our team in San Diego pretty small - we feel that it allows us to be more intentional with each other, and with our international projects. We are excited for you to meet the team! 


Bob Goff - Founder + CHief Balloon INflator 

Bob Goff started Love Does in 2002 when he traveled to India and was inspired to join the fight to end sex trafficking. After writing his New York Times Best-Selling book, Love Does, Bob took all of the proceeds and began expanding the organization. Now, he's our biggest supporter, loudest advocate, and longest serving volunteer. 

Dae eriksson - executive director

Dae has been with Love Does for nearly 10 years. With a passion for travel, bringing joy, and loving on people, Dae is great at connecting with people across the world and bringing so many of our dream projects to life! Most of the time she's here in San Diego, but if you're lucky you might catch her in Mogadishu, Gulu, or Kathmandu! 



Ashton Padberg- international programs coordinator

Ashton started as in intern in 2015, and now she is deeply involved in all of our international programs. Shortly after she graduated from college in 2016, she spent 6 months in Gulu as our program manager for Uganda. She loves going on Vision Trips to our different projects across the world, waking up early and going for runs, and unwinding with a good book.


Catherine Mcgrath-communications coordinator

Catherine started with Love Does at the beginning of 2018. Her passion for photography has taken her all over the world-- from Papua New Guinea to San Diego, you can always find Catherine with her trusty camera at her side.