Education in Iraq

Love Does began working in Iraq in 2014. Our main focus was to provide support to families and children who had been impacted by the conflict, especially during a time when the terrorist group, ISIS, displaced millions of people. We started a school in Soran, a beautiful mountain town in the north, to provide these displaced kids with the amazing education that they deserved, and to ensure that their lives were not permanently disrupted by the conflict.

We worked alongside a local partner and the government in order to provide this education, and in 2018 we handed it over to them to continue to operate the school and keep it running. We feel confident in their ability to operate this school well, and know how much they love these students! This transition is an encouraging step for the school’s sustainability and lasting presence in this community.

If you would like to continue to support our education work in conflict areas, we would love your help at our newest school in Afghanistan!


Due to the conflict in Syria, many families fled to the north of Iraq for safety. When these Syrian Refugee families came into Soran, many were living in makeshift homes made up of tarps and shells of buildings.

 With the support of some of our amazing friends, we built the 20 homes that make up the Love Does Village. Today, the village is a lively center of this community. Click here to read a blog post about the village.

The Love Does Hospital  

As the community in Soran evolved and settled, so did their needs. After starting the school and building the Love Does Village, the next need was a hospital. Our friends from the Village Church in British Columbia, and many other supporters rallied together to make this amazing facility possible!

 The Love Does Hospital officially opened its doors in March of 2018. It is a truly incredible place, and it is helping this community to rebuild and recover in ways that they could not before.