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Update: In May, an active volcano near Goma, erupted and spilled lava into the surrounding communities, leaving a wake of destruction. While the lava mostly moved away from densely populated areas, the lava poured into an area called Buhene destroying everything in its path. We are sad to report that among the buildings destroyed, were a Love Does primary and secondary school we built with our friends at Justice Rising and Lauren Daigle’s foundation. We are so glad all 250 students and 8 faculty members are safe but we are so sad for them.

This whole episode has been devastating, not only for the physical destruction of property, but for the students, families and teachers who are weathering a civil war and will now likely face further disruption to their learning. 

We would love your help in supporting our students, staff and families as they recover. Click the button above or at the bottom of this page to donate to the cause!

Love Does School Congo

Together with our wonderful friend Lauren Daigle and her foundation, the Price Fund, and in partnership with Justice Rising, we have school for 300 students!

Where is it?

The school is in Goma, a city on the far east side of the Democratic Republic of Congo near the border of Rwanda. Goma is a conflict zone, the region has been unstable since the Kivu conflict, an armed conflict between the military and an armed rebel group, began in 2004.

Why did we want to build it?

Educating children living in conflict zones empowers them to break the cycle of war and build a culture of peace. Attending school restores normalcy, even in the midst of conflict, and helps to restore hope in these communities.

Our Goals

Love Does, in partnership with Justice Rising operates our school with the following goals and standards:

  • Hire and train excellent teachers that never use physical punishment, and actively work to fight for the success of each student.
  • Prioritize girl’s education and have full gender parity in enrollment.
  • Along with a quality education, students are taught character development, peace building skills, conflict resolution and leadership.

We are cheering these amazing students and staff on in all they do!

Thank you endlessly for your generosity!

You’re changing lives all over the world with your love.