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Girls Home, Primary School & After School Program

Girls Home

We remain dedicated to empowering our 8 girls residing in the girls’ home through education, sports, and community activities. They are cared for by a couple who live with them and the home is beautiful and safe and right next to their secondary school. When they are not at school, they all love playing soccer and games and participating in music and crafts. As these girls progress through the grade levels, it’s inspiring to witness their diligence in pursuing education, shaping not just their present circumstances but also their future potential.

We have committed to care for them for years to come, and we would be honored if you joined us in supporting them. All extra funding that we receive for these girls is set aside for emergency medical care and long-term goals. They all have big dreams and are extremely bright, so we can’t wait to cheer them on and support them as they grow!

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Primary School

On one of our first trips to Nepal, we visited a local brick factory, where hundreds of people come to work for the six month brick season each year. While there, we learned that many of the parents who come for work bring their children with them. Unfortunately, there are no schools close by, and since they are not from the area, many of the kids had stopped their schooling. We decided to build a school on the land of the brick factory, so that these kids can receive an education while their parents work.

The Love Does Primary School at the Kantipur Brick Factory teaches 5-6 primary level subjects and provides meals and supplies for all of the students each day. Parents employed at the brick factory express gratitude for having a safe space where their children can learn and receive meals while they work. Students appreciate the care shown by their teachers and the daily provision of meals, all of which fosters a supportive educational environment.

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After School Program

In 2015, the Love Does team went on relief trips to Nepal after the horrific earthquake that struck in spring of that year. After seeing the need there, we decided to open an after school program for kids whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake. 

The Love Does Harisiddhi After School Program, located south of Kathmandu, provides essential support to children by offering educational aid, homework assistance, and a daily nutritious meal, six days a week. A team of committed teachers diligently attends to the needs of 50+ kids, fostering a vibrant, nurturing environment where the children can thrive, learn, and grow. The students engage in various activities like painting, arts and crafts, and other creative pursuits.

Thank you for your support and for loving Nepal!

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