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Boys & Girls Home, After School Program & Safe House

Boys & Girls Home

The Love Does Home in India, situated in Bangalore, consists of two residences—one for boys and another for girls—and provides a secure and affectionate environment for children. These homes ensure that the children’s physical needs are met, their emotional well-being is nurtured, and that they receive a proper education. Many of these children come from villages in northern India, facing the challenges of orphanhood and a lack of access to essential needs and education. Over the years, the Love Does Homes have propelled many children towards higher education, careers, and the formation of their own families.

After School Program

Children have continued to gather and study in our Love Does After School Program and are provided with stationary and educational materials for their studies. Due to low income, many children lack access to adequate food at home; we’ve stepped in to provide support with crucial groceries such as rice, wheat, oil, sugar, and more. 

Following the repercussions of Covid in 2020, numerous students faced disruptions in their studies. Despite encountering diverse challenges, our commitment to aiding these children remains unwavering. We are ensuring that they continue to have the opportunity to pursue education and are continuing to actively reintegrate them into the program, thereby enhancing their future prospects. 

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Safe House

The New Horizons House serves as a sanctuary for young women liberated from sex trafficking. Within its walls, over 65 girls find refuge, where they access education, acquire vocational skills, and receive crucial medical care and trauma counseling. These vital resources pave the way for these young women to regain self-sufficiency. We are grateful to partner with them, offering support and advocating for these remarkable women and the dedicated staff who guide them on their journey to recovery.

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