Love Does Home

Providing a community home in San Diego County to young, single mothers as a safe place where education, personal growth and self sufficiency are nurtured through loving support.

Our Mission

The Love Does Home will have an emphasis on formal education, critical thinking, life skills, healthy lifestyles, and positive parenting. Participants in this community home will be equipped with resources and skills to be able to complete their educational goals, and competently care for themselves all while successfully parenting their children.

Our Resources

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Meet our Love Does Home Team

Kristin Dreesen

Program Coordinator

Kristin has been cheering on hundreds of young moms for over 14 years and is still in awe of how teen moms are some of the most resilient and generous young women she’s ever met! Kristin has been married to her best friend for over 30 years, and they have two adult children. She enjoys supporting the Love Does Home which is an encouraging and helpful place for young moms to continue their education. She oversees the Love Does Home Program in the greater San Diego area which includes food assistance, resource & life skills classes and an opportunity for encouraging community.

Melissa Weber

House Manager

Melissa has worked as an adult critical care nurse for the last six years. She has volunteered in after-school programs and from 2021-2022 moved to Ethiopia to work in a children’s home. She is a voracious reader and avid hiker. When she can’t find a mountain she will whole hearted run for several miles instead.
As a long time advocate of showing love through actions, she encourages women to meet not only their goals, but also their dreams. She enjoys teaching life skills and creating a safe, and open community for single moms in San Diego.

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