We have a school in Iraq!

Love Does has been working in Iraq since the summer of 2014, when ISIS took control of vast areas of Northern Iraq and displaced almost a million people. During this time we have zeroed in on the refugee crisis, providing emergency supplies and aid, and then focusing our efforts on a school for refugee children.

Our school is located in Soran, a beautiful mountain town with a diverse community of people from all across the region. As the conflict continues to change in this region, we see a continuous flux of refugee families coming and going through Soran. Though this community is changing, our school is a wonderful constant, a place open to any refugee children needing an education.  One of the most helpful ways that you can get involved is by making a monthly pledge to help support a student at the school. 

We've finished building The Love Does Village for Syrian Refugees!

Some of our newest friends in Iraq are the community of Syrian refugees who had been living in makeshift homes made up of tarps and shells of buildings.

With the support of some of our amazing friends, we built the 20 homes that make up the Love Does Village. Today, the village is a lively center of this community. Click here to read a blog post about the village.

Now that the village is complete, we need your help to keep it running for years to come. The continuing costs will be electricity, water, and sanitation, as well as miscellaneous repairs. Join us as we continue to help this amazing community!

Donate to The Love Does Village

we have a hospital! 

As the community in Soran has evolved and settled, so have their needs. After starting the school and building the Love Does Village, the next need was a hospital. Our friends from the Village Church in British Columbia, and many other supporters rallied together to make this amazing facility possible! 

The Love Does Hospital officially opened its doors in March of 2018, and it has been bustling with people and dedicated staff ever since. 

It is a truly incredible place, and it is helping this community to rebuild and recover in ways that they could not before.