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Food Programs, Prison Programs, Single Mom Programs & Refugee Support

Food Programs

The Love Does Food Programs provide food for over thousands of individuals every year.  Our partnerships with organizations like Feeding San Diego, Urban Life, Monarch School and local churches allow us to provide much-needed nourishment to our neighbors both here in San Diego and around the world. Our services include weekly grocery deliveries to the homeless and the elderly, home-cooked meals for single mothers and the delivery of thousands of nutritious meals to underdeveloped countries. The recipients of these meals are so grateful for your support and generosity!

Prison Programs

San Quentin is the oldest prison in California and the only one with death row, though governors have imposed a moratorium on executions since 2006. There are currently about 3,000 incarcerated at the prison. One of our most impactful programs is the StoryTellers Workshop which enables inmates to explore and craft their narratives with depth and meaning. The many men that have completed this workshop have shared that they walk away feeling uplifted, encouraged, and properly trained with the skills to share their stories. Our Love Does team walks away with gratitude for all these courageous men, for sharing their hearts and allowing us to witness their profound personal growth.

Despite the fact that education lowers recidivism rates by 43%, less than 5% of the adult incarcerated population have a college level degree. Seeing this need for education first hand, Love Does awards college scholarships to a select number of inmates each year. Prior recipients have been able to enroll in local colleges and start working towards their college degree! We are honored to be able to support the pursuit of higher education for these men.

Refugee Support

Our refugee resettlement program extends support to families experiencing homelessness as well as unsheltered students, young mothers, and Ukrainian and Afghan families.

Through your support, we are able to facilitate the evacuation and reunification of refugees with their loved ones in the US, when possible. We also help to supply families settling in the US with home furnishings and provide assistance with various skills such as driving and school registration so they can more easily acclimate to life in our country.

Single Mom Programs

We provide a community home, boutique and skills classes in San Diego County to young, single mothers as a safe place where education, personal growth and self sufficiency are nurtured through loving support.

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