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Restore University

Restore University

We’re building a University in Gulu, Uganda! In the last 15 years, because of what we’ve already created through our primary & secondary schools, an area of the world previously known for a violent warlord now has a primary and secondary school known for academic excellence. The Love Does Restore Leadership Academy consists of 1500 students and consistently boasts among the highest test scores in the country. Our university will strive to replicate that same academic excellence with degree programs in computer science, social work, education, law & business administration.

It’s a timely, inspiring and powerful message of what’s possible in a post conflict zone. Not only will a university transform the lives of a generation of students but it also sends a message to the entire region that a land once decimated by war will now be the birthplace of this country’s future leaders.

And it wouldn’t be a Love Does Project without a dash of whimsy – so we are building a zoo starting with a few giraffes to inspire students to – DREAM BIG!

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Consider being a “builder” who wants to “invest” in helping us construct a campus that inspires awe, wonder, whimsy, excellence, etc.


Are you a seasoned academic with a heart to help? We would love to expand our network to help us connect with universities, gain wisdom from experienced academics, and discover how your gifts and passions can help us build a world-class university.


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“We want Restore University to be known for its Whimsy, Wonder & Academic Excellence. We are working to educate the next Ugandan Presidents.”

Bob GoffFounder, Chief Balloon Inflator

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