We have been fighting for human rights and providing education to children in conflict zones for over 15 years.


Founded & Began work in India
Uganda School Opens
Love Does Book Launches
Nepal girls Home Opens
Somalia Safe Home Opens
Iraq School Opens
Iraq Hospital opens
Congo School Opens

Founder – Bob Goff

Bob is a New York Times best selling author and was a recognized lawyer for over 25 years. In 2001 he saw a need in India and founded what is now known as Love Does.

Our Promise

It can be daunting to know where to give your time and financial resources. Thanks to the Love Does Parade, we promise to make sure that each dollar you donate goes as far as possible.


At Love Does we strive to be transparent. We have a proven track record and we invite you to be curious. We want you to feel comfortable with where you are investing.

7 Countries

Educating children living in conflict zones empowers them to break the cycle of war and build a culture of peace. Attending school restores normalcy, in the midst of conflict, and helps to restore hope.

Love Does — San Diego Team

Bob Goff


Bob Goff started Love Does in 2002 when he traveled to India and was inspired to join the fight to end sex trafficking. After writing his New York Times Best-Selling book, Love Does, Bob took all of the proceeds and began expanding the organization. Now, he's our biggest supporter, loudest advocate, and longest serving volunteer.

Ashton Padberg


Ashton has been working with us since 2015, and is deeply involved in all of our international programs. She does it all, from countless spreadsheets, to working closely with our teams around the world, to tracking and reporting all of our programs and working with our donors. She infuses strategy, efficiency and care into every aspect of her role, and her passion and commitment to our work has made an impact on all we do.

Jody Luke


Jody is our amazing accountant and has helped shape Love Does into what it is today. She oversees the financial operations of the business in order to help it run efficiently! Jody's helpful and positive attitude are just a few of the things that make her so wonderful. When she’s not in the office you can find her attending her children's sports games or traveling with her husband!

Dae Eriksson


Dae has been here since the beginning! She has amazing vision and a dedication to making everything that we do a success. Her leadership and care are interwoven into each of our projects and have made them what they are today. You can find her traveling all over the world working at our projects and dreaming up new ones.

Grace Eldridge


Grace has been with Love Does since 2019. With a love for all things creative, she coordinates all of our media efforts and initiates marketing campaigns. She also runs our internship here in San Diego. She loves interacting with people and bringing new insight to our strategies!

Thank you endlessly for your generosity!

You’re changing lives all over the world with your love.