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Baby Home, Girls Academy & Safe House

Girls Leadership Academy

Love Does, in partnership with the Elman Peace Centre has a leadership academy for girls in Mogadishu between the ages of 12-18. This academy is focused on leadership training, and is grounded in a rights-based curriculum with arts, sports and wellness programs. Our hope is that this academy will help develop confident young women and give them opportunities to learn, grow and be empowered to lead their communities!

Join us in cheering on the next generation of women leaders in Somalia!

Baby Home in Mogadishu

On one of our visits to Somalia, we were saddened to learn that many young women who become pregnant are often unable to care for their babies, or fear for their lives, and will sometimes abandon them in the streets or at local hospitals. We decided to open a home to care for these tiny friends in all of the ways that they deserve!

Safe House in Mogadishu

This home is a safe space for women and girls who have been victims of gender based violence.

Whether it is a case of forced child marriage, trafficking, or abuse, we provide a refuge to come for safety, medical attention, counseling and therapy. In addition we work with partners to provide job training skills to help rebuild lives.

Latest Updates

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