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Primary & Secondary School

Primary & Secondary School

Just 30 minutes from our Love Does headquarters in San Diego is an asylum camp in Tijuana that hosts 1,700-2,000 refugees coming from Haiti, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and various parts of Central and South America. Most are escaping human trafficking, war torn environments, extreme poverty and/or the cartel; for many, the risks to their safety and life were so great they felt they had no choice but to leave and seek safety outside their own country.

Most of the kids and families residing at the asylum camp are uneducated; this is likely due to  the lack of access to education in their origin country. The children, especially, are in desperate need of an education while they wait potentially months to be processed into the United States or Mexico.

Love Does launched a primary and secondary school in May 2024 which serves approximately 400 kids ages 6-16. The school has eight classrooms with teachers and aids offering daily education at both the primary and secondary levels. Additionally, there is a computer lab and library that all the kids have access to. Our goal is to provide these children with structure and optimism through character-based education while they are awaiting asylum-case decisions. For many, this will mark their first exposure to a formal education, thus serving as a crucial stepping stone for shaping their future.

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