We have opened a school in Iraq!

Love Does has been working in Iraq since the summer of 2014, when ISIS took control of vast areas of Northern Iraq and displaced almost a million people. During this time we have zeroed in on the refugee crisis, providing emergency supplies and aid, and then focusing our efforts on a school for refugee children.

The Love Does School is now home to more than 600 Internally Displaced Peoples. The school is made up of Yazidi kids from Sinjar Mountain, Shabak kids from Mosul, and Arab kids from the Anbar province. All of our students are able to attend classes 5 days a week, and we bus all children living in IDP camps to the school. Our school is registered with the central government of Iraq, enabling the students to earn a certificate recognized by the Iraqi government. The school has grade 1-6 (known as basic school), and 7-9 (known as secondary school). We have a wonderful school manager, Dilgash, 18 amazing teachers, and 2 school assistants that make this incredible place possible!

We’d love for you to help support our education projects in Iraq! To help, you can donate towards the expenses of the project, including rent for the building, providing teachers, school supplies, and more, or you can Engage a student with a monthly pledge and provide ongoing support.

 We’re grateful for you!

While in Iraq, we were able to spend some time at a refugee camp made up of 20 families who fled their village just hours before ISIS took over.

They traveled for six weeks to another city, and were set up in camp on the property of our friends who have a local community center.

We are going to support these refugees as much as possible and need your help! Any donation is appreciated. Our hope is to provide them with clothes, food, and medical care. If possible, we would love to find a way to hire a couple of teachers to continue the education of the children while they are living in this camp.

If you would like to help, please consider donating.