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Where It All Began…

Did you know the Love Does Nonprofit started in India back in 2002? Bob was there on a trip and noticed a need and decided to do what he could to fill that. That decision followed by hundreds more of saying yes to prioritizing the needs of others and here we are!

What’s Going On In India

The Love Does involvement in India started with an urgent need:  Justice. Specifically in the area of human trafficking. That need is still our primary focus today.

Our team works with local law enforcement to conduct raids on the brothels with underage children, arrest the perpetrators and traffickers, rescue the children and place them in safe houses. We have stayed committed to this need and have a great team that continues to pour into this.

Over time we’ve also launched an after school program for local kids to have a safe and life-giving place to spend time when school lets out. The kids have formed a great community through this program and look forward to their time spent there.

Why India?

So, why India? Simply put, we are presented with a continual need that we feel able to help with (thanks to you!). The need in India will always be important to us, especially since that’s where it all started. We have seen growth, impact and love but there’s still much work to be done and people to love.

Our Process

As with all of our projects, we begin by working with locals, who know the most about the true needs, and leaders who can help guide us in implementing the most effective programs.

We start by asking what the best way to help is (which is a vital conversation) then we take action. Our goal is to approach needs with open minds and hearts. Each need is different and it’s so important that we don’t rush into decisions or force ideas onto the locals. The partnership is what makes positive change possible.

We believe this method assures the best value not only for those benefiting from the programs, but also the donors supplying the funds. We are committed to this structure wholeheartedly!

Our Team

The fight against trafficking is primarily pursued by a small team of investigators led by a man named Tom. Bob met Tom back in 2002 while he was in India. Ever since, Tom has been tightly interwoven with the efforts we have India. He is also the point person for the after school program along with a small team of teachers.  We are grateful to Tom for his continual action and his decision to love India alongside us.

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