Nepal ranks high on the list of most impoverished countries, and the existence of a caste system makes life difficult for many. We wanted to open a home for young, orphaned girls to actually experience what it's like to be welcomed into a family and loved like one as well.

Our four girls are cared for by an amazing young couple who live with them. Their home is beautiful and safe, they have homemade nutritious meals, they go to soccer practice together and study together. They have a wonderful dynamic - and it is so lovely to see them cared for and loved in all of the ways they deserve!  

We have committed to care for them for years and years to come, and we can't do this without help! Currently, the home costs about $1,700 per month to pay for all expenses. 

All extra funding that we receive for these girls is set aside for emergency medical care and long-term goals. They all have big dreams and are extremely bright, so we can't wait to cheer them on and support them as they grow!

In 2015 we went on relief trips to Nepal after the horrific earthquake that struck in April. After seeing the need there, we decided to open an after school program for kids whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake. It’s called the Love Does School and we have some amazing kids attending. They come to the center after they get out of school and get a meal, tutoring, help with homework, and a safe place to spend time. 

Each month this program costs about $700 to operate and provides three local teachers, meals and supplies for the kids.

Thank you for your support and for loving Nepal!