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Love in Action.

We have been fighting for human rights, caring for the vulnerable and providing education in conflict zones since 2002.


Highlights from 2023


Restore University

Not only will a university transform the lives of a generation of students but it also sends a message to the entire region that a land once decimated by war will now be the birthplace of this country’s future leaders.


  • Investigations
  • Education Program
  • Surveillance


  • Leadership Academy
  • Safe Houses
  • University Program
  • Witch Doctor School
  • Prison Programs


  • Girls Home
  • Primary School
  • Education Program


  • Baby Home
  • Girls Academy
  • Safe House


  • Primary School


  • Prison Programs
  • Mobile Food Program
  • Homeless and Refugee Support
  • Love Does Home


  • Primary School

Dominican Republic

  • Women’s Resource Center

Ukraine & Poland

  • Baby Formula
  • Medical Supplies
  • Food
  • Stoves for Winter
  • Love Does Refugee School


  • After School Program

Burkina Faso

  • Primary School

Latest News


Learning to Ski in Poland

It's tough to be a teenager. It's tough to be a refugee from a country in war. It's really tough to be both. Ukrainian refugees…
Burkina Faso

Celebrating Success in Burkina Faso!

285,000 meals were distributed to Burkina Faso! Given the persistent issue of food insecurity, these meals ensure that students and the surrounding communities have access…

After School Program in Nepal

Our After School Program, nestled in the southern part of Kathmandu, Nepal, is doing some amazing work! Approximately 60 children are supported with educational assistance,…

We become in our lives what we do with our love.

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