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Many of you know we used to have an after school program for kids in a small community near our Brick Factory School in Nepal. However, due to the pandemic, the program closed.

We are happy to share that the program is back up and running! There are 4 teachers, 1 cook and about 40 students that meet each afternoon. They learn, play, receive a meal, and love being part of the Love Does community.

Earlier this month they celebrated National Children’s Day in Nepal. There were gifts, dancing, and a delicious meal shared among friends.

We are thankful to have this program thriving once again. We couldn’t do it without you!

“Send all the donors and sponsors our best regards! Give them our gratitude and love for all their wonderful doning and their big hearts. Thank them for being such a huge part of the wonderful changes and impacts that they’re making into the people’s life. Sending love from Nepal!”
-Rabi, After School Program Coordinator