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Since we first heard news of the invasion in Ukraine, we’ve been busy working in three primary areas: Sending baby formula and other basic needs into Ukraine, supporting refugees in Poland and assisting resettlement efforts in the US, specifically at the Tijuana/San Diego border.
We’ve sent 3,000 units of baby formula to Kiev, enough for 600 infants to eat for 30 days/4 times a day. And we have a container of 285,000 meals on the way to multiple areas in Ukraine.
Of the 2.6 million Ukrainian refugees that have fled to Poland, many are in refugee centers in Warsaw. We’ve also secured another 285,000 meals to be delivered to multiple refugee centers in the region. Check out this video to learn more about our team’s time in Poland and how we were able to bring some smiles to these courageous communities:
Ukrainians are allowed to stay in the US temporarily as a humanitarian parole as they figure out their next steps. In this transition time, parolees are afforded very few services, so the needs are many.  Love Does is doing the following in San Diego:
Providing temporary housing until they can find a sponsor or meet up with relatives.
Hosting an event to connect newly arrived Ukranians with each other and be an encouragement to our new friends.
We are so thankful for your support as we navigate this historic time. To keep up to date on our efforts in Ukraine, go to