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We are so grateful Rafał Milach, one of Poland’s most renowned photographers, reached out to work with our refugee school in Poland encouraging students to capture moments of their daily lives through a disposable camera. Each student captured moments of love, closeness and their Ukrainian heritage.
Ruslana, one of our 16-year-old students, who is aspiring to become an anime graphic artist, was a stand out. They entered her work to the Fort Center of Photography in Warsaw, organized by the U.S. Embassy, and she was selected to be a part of the exhibit! She communicated that the project helped her adjust to her new life as a refugee,  rediscover her strength and spark a newfound belief in her abilities.
Our team is traveling to Poland next week and will get to congratulate Ruslana in person. They will also be participating in our first graduation for our high school and primary students since moving from the refugee center into a permanent location. We are celebrating our Love Does school, now accredited, will be around for years to come to support and encourage these students to grow into their full potential.
You can keep updated with their travels on social media and to learn more about what’s happening in Poland and Ukraine here.

-The Love Does Team