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In 2021, following the Taliban’s takeover, San Diego County saw a significant influx of Afghan refugees. Love Does stepped into action providing hundreds of refugee families with weekly groceries and essential supplies. Our team created deep connections with the Afghan refugee community, supporting them through their transition to a new life in a different country.

When these families began moving into permanent housing, many found themselves without basic home goods or furniture. Love Does addressed this urgent need by creating the Love Does Resettlement Program. Through this initiative, we fully furnished homes and provided rental stipends to Afghan refugee families. Thanks to your generosity, we have supported over 40 families in San Diego through our Resettlement Program and continue to provide refugee assistance in special situations.

As the needs of the refugee community changed, we shifted our efforts to include single moms facing homelessness. We assist in furnishing their homes and offering general community support in an effort to make these moms feel cared for, valued, and seen. We’ve observed these families to be among the strongest and bravest among us, and we love seeing the smiles on their kids’ faces when they walk into their new home.

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-The Love Does Team