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Love Does – Ukraine & Poland

Primary & Secondary Schools, Baby Supplies

Primary School

Our Love Does Primary School located at the expo center in Warsaw, Poland provides much-needed education and fun for the many refugee children in the area. The students learn a variety of subjects including Ukrainian speech and script, mathematics, Polish, English, computer science, physics, and even volleyball!

Our team in Poland is continually creating opportunities for the students to explore their creativity, delve into cultural landmarks, and engage in a wide array of sports and activities. They are determined for these refugee kids, who are displaced and experiencing a lot of uncertainty, to have fun and be entertained while also learning and growing.

Secondary School

The surge in high school students in Poland has posed significant challenges for high school enrollment. Many students were struggling to secure a spot on schools’ admissions lists. Our team in Poland bravely responded and established a high school where they are able to learn in their native language. Our school has accreditation from the Ukrainian school system to allow our students to receive certificates in Ukrainian, ensuring they don’t lose academic years when transitioning to Polish schools.

Baby Supplies

One of the missions of our team in Poland is to support young mothers in Ukrainian maternity wards. A considerable number of Ukrainian women face lactation challenges due to the immense stress caused by the instability and uncertainty. Due to travel restrictions that have confined Ukrainian men aged 18 to 65 within the country’s borders, pregnant women often navigate these challenges alone. Through visits to Ukrainian hospitals, we are able to provide comprehensive layettes that include essential items such as pacifiers, rompers, feeding bottles, diapers, powdered milk, wet wipes, bath products, postpartum supplies, and nightwear.

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