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It’s been one year since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. As we look back on last year, we’re incredibly grateful we were able to reopen the Love Does primary school after a brief hiatus as families were forced to figure out their best course of action. We’ve worked hard to support our incredibly courageous teachers, staff and students who have remained in the country.
They have dealt with new and ever changing policies from the local regime which often disrupted their classes. For example, all schools were once instructed to separate girls and boys timing of when they were at school. This stretched our teachers and challenged the staff to manage the logistics of getting everyone to class safely and in a timely manner. Fortunately, this directive was reversed and now all students can come to the school at the same time.
Despite the restrictive atmosphere in the country, staff have shown resilience and flexibility to adapt. They have reported their vision for a hopeful future for the kids and seeing them grow outweigh the challenges they face. In the same manner, students have kept a positive outlook. They are so grateful for the opportunity to study and play together each day.
Thank you to the Love Does community for supporting not only our school in Afghanistan this past year, but the many Afghan refugees we’ve welcomed in San Diego county.