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As we come up on the 2 year anniversary of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, we reflect on the bravery we’ve witnessed both in our teachers and students in the country, and the refugees we’ve met in San Diego. Their determination to move forward with their lives despite all the chaos they’ve faced is inspiring. We’ve done our best to support this community any way we can, and we’re so grateful for the beautiful friendships we’ve built along the way.
Two of the Afghan women we’ve met in San Diego are currently working on getting their driver’s license for the first time ever. Many of the Love Does community has helped support these efforts with their time and resources so we thank you!
Our school in Afghanistan is continuing to grow in numbers as the need for education rises. And one 5th grader named Salma is doing something about it. Salma attends the Love Does Primary School in Afghanistan, and has a strong desire to become a teacher. Six years ago, she and her brother collected plastic bottles from garbage dumps and helped her father make “yakhak,” a local inexpensive ice-cream sold to street children. Salma’s family has three brothers and one sister, with one brother having an intellectual disability.
Salma has recently started teaching six children from her neighborhood, providing the space in her father’s rental mud-house for them to gather in the late afternoon. She believes she can become a teacher formally one day and hopes to provide education to children who have not had a chance for a better life. She believes in her future and those of her peers, and said poetically, “I am a little sprout from this school and I hope to grow up like a fruitful tree in the future.”

Thanks for supporting girls like Salma.

-The Love Does Team