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Here’s What 2020 Had In Store For RLA…

Our school in Uganda, Restore Leadership Academy (RLA), had a wonderful year of growth and connection despite the challenges 2020 brought.

Thanks to your support, we have been able to keep the RLA campus afloat, pay teachers their regular salaries, meet the expenses surrounding the transition to distance learning, and support the surrounding community as well! We are so grateful for your generosity.

We have 1600 students across our primary and secondary schools, and we have been so proud of the ways they’ve adjusted and been supportive of each other during a year like no other. Our teachers went above and beyond to support every single student and it was wonderful to see them celebrate their hard work at the end of the year celebration. It was a year we won’t forget and the challenges served as a reminder of how much we appreciate the ways RLA has grown thanks to the many hands that have shaped the school.

How Our Team at RLA Navigated 2020

Like schools worldwide, RLA had to shut down. Distance learning was put into place but it looked different than what it’s looked like in the US, because most students do not have reliable access to wifi or computers. Our teachers physically dropped off learning packets at the students villages, and then picked them up when bringing the next homework packet. Students would complete the packets with the teaching instructions provided. Our final year students (the last year of primary and secondary school) were able to come back to campus to study for their national exams so that they can be eligible for graduation this year. They were all so excited to be back on campus, and all stayed healthy and happy throughout their term. While it was still difficult managing the logistics of remote learning, our teachers truly went above and beyond for our students. 

One of the other highlights of the year was supporting our teachers by providing personal protective wear like masks, sanitizer, etc. The teachers were so grateful at this support which made them feel so taken care of. This was only possible through your support!

Our staff ended the year with a wonderful celebration which was a beautiful reminder of how circumstances don’t have the final say on joy. In a year of change, doubt, and hardship, our students and teachers showed up and did what they could with a smile on their face. This is all thanks to our wonderful supporters who have helped keep our school thriving.

Looking Forward To 2021

As we head into a new year, we hope to be able to reopen the school fully, once it is safe to do so. The students are eager to get back to their classes. We have a reduced number of students on campus right now (as mentioned before) and we have covid safety measures in place like handwashing and sanitation stations as well as mandatory masks and social distancing. The students are thrilled to be back on campus and there haven’t been any issues with our safety measures.

Students are also very busy with studying for exams right now. Uganda’s national standardized exams usually take place in November, but testing was postponed to April 2021 due to covid. Our students are continually preparing for these tests and we are encouraged by their dedication and positivity and hopefully will be able to have a safe graduation celebration as the year wraps up.

Some of our other goals include supporting the surrounding community during a time of such challenges. Our Uganda team served thousands of individuals for covid relief in 2020 and hope to continue serving in this way as needs persist. For RLA, we also plan on boosting morale with events like sports tournaments and debate tournaments which the students love, as soon as it’s safe. Your encouragement during this time has been so helpful! Thank you for making all this possible!