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Love Does has been caring for incarcerated men and women for many years. Before we started Dreaming Big with our friends at San Quentin State Prison in California, we first reached out to inmates at the Uganda Government Prison in Gulu. Education is not always prioritized in countries coming out of conflict, so as a result, many inmates were unable to complete even basic levels of education. Through our programs and the encouragement of our staff, both men and women inmates have been able to obtain their elementary and senior level certifications.

Unlike many parts of the world, women in Uganda who are sentenced to prison that are pregnant or have babies, are also given the option of bringing their small children to prison with them. So we decided to create a Love Does DayCare at the Gulu’s main prison to ensure the toddlers of these inmates receive three healthy meals a day, a safe and clean play and nap area, and clothing as needed. We also offer childcare training to the caregivers.

Further, transitioning out of prison can be difficult especially when it comes to finding a job. So we are currently working on building out a Love Does Motorcycle (boda boda) mechanics program for newly paroled women reentering society. Motorcycles are the most common means of transportation in Uganda, so we believe learning this trade will be a great start to rebuilding their lives. It’s an opportunity to not only support these women practically, but also encourage them along the way.

Thank you for caring about and loving inmates both in the US and in Uganda. We’re always grateful for your support!