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There are currently 1 million refugees in Warsaw, Poland. The education system is completely overwhelmed and there is no more space for refugees in the local public schools.
We recently opened a school at the expo center in Warsaw to help, and were told by local officials they know of no other school like ours in the city for refugees. In fact, there is now a prerequisite for families staying at the center that their kids be enrolled in the Love Does school.
We have the favor and appreciation of the local government including the Vice President of Warsaw, who meets regularly with our Poland Country Director at the local Ukrainian refugee task force meetings.
While we have enrolled hundreds of kids at the school, we expect that number to continue to grow as more refugees enter Poland through the winter.
We’re so grateful for all the teachers, staff and volunteers who are loving these students and giving them an opportunity not only for education, but for some fun!

You’re making a big difference in the lives of these kids and their families who have faced immeasurable hurdles this year.

-The Love Does Team