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Recently, there was a bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia that left several dozen dead and hundreds more injured. Unfortunately, one of our partner team members at Elman Peace was injured in the attack but thankfully was able to be airlifted to receive critical care.
This news was understandably difficult for the team as they work tirelessly and fight daily for peace throughout the region.
But despite this horrific event, the team feels that peace in the country is closer than ever. And while bombings and other related threats often make the headlines, there is also tremendous work being done by a lot of brave people to change the societal culture of the country. And our partners at Elman Peace are leading the way.
We know firsthand that education is one of the most effective, long term ways to build peace. If the kids at our schools know peace, love and hope, we believe they will give peace, love and hope to those around them. By investing in long term goals for these children, together we can create lasting change in areas plagued by conflict.
That’s why we’re opening up a second Girl’s Leadership Academy in Somalia. Our hope is that this academy will help develop confident young women and give them opportunities to learn, grow and be empowered to lead their communities for decades to come.

“While there are setbacks, the resilience and hope of the people are prevailing.” – Ilwad Elman, Director of Programs and Development at Elman Peace

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