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Restore Leadership Update

For most of us, our kids get to attend school with only the typical distractions. Can you imagine, though, every time it rained, wading through…
Love Does
November 18, 2021

Afghanistan Update

Dear Friends, For the past several weeks, the entire world's been watching the events unfolding in Afghanistan. We know you've been praying and care as…
Love Does
October 7, 2021

Congo Volcano Update

Congo Volcano Update: We are so grateful for the immense support that has come in for Congo after sharing the volcano eruption news. Hundreds of…
Love Does
June 3, 2021

Volcano Update From Congo

Urgent: Volcano Erupts Outside of Goma On Saturday, May 22nd, Nyiragongo, an active volcano that sits at the edge of Goma, erupted as lava spewed…
Love Does
May 24, 2021

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