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On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the incredible achievements, resilience, and contributions of women around the world, including those in the Dominican Republic. Today, we honor the women at the Women’s Resource Center, who embody courage, determination, and leadership.

In Sosua, where prostitution is legal, we encourage women who are seeking a different life, a chance to transform it. In partnership with Infotep, we offer educational courses and certifications in finance, accounting, makeup, and nails, expanding opportunities for women to build sustainable livelihoods. These women demonstrate remarkable strength and perseverance as they eagerly embrace these classes, determined to acquire new skills. This space truly radiates with hope, evident in the determination of every woman who seeks support here.

Today and every day, let us continue to uplift, support, and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women, ensuring that their contributions are recognized and valued. Happy International Women’s Day!

Learn more about the Women’s Resource Center here:


-The Love Does Team