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Recently, a team from Hope Smiles served our students at Restore Leadership Academy primary and secondary schools with compassion and expertise as they administered teeth cleanings, root canals, and other much needed dental care to many. In just a few days, the impact from their efforts was profoundly felt as 516 students and staff from the Restore Leadership Academy received dental attention. Among the services completed were 213 basic cleanings, 44 quadrants of deep cleaning, 176 restorations, 214 extractions and 3 root canals!  Wow, they were busy!

In a region where dental care is limited and often expensive, the work of Hope Smiles provided relief and care to the beneficiaries. Through their selfless dedication, the team empowered individuals to prioritize their dental well being and thereby give them hope for a healthier, happier future.

“Nothing will make me lose my smile now.”

– Patricia, a secondary student

Watch the video here:


-The Love Does Team